Founded by Hamza Lemssouguer, Arini is a specialised alternative asset manager that seeks to deliver absolute returns through a fundamental and opportunistic approach to credit investing.

Arini’s experienced team of investment and risk management professionals focuses primarily on the European credit markets, which are defined by complex legal, regulatory and political structures.

The core of Arini’s platform is a fundamental, value-based approach. Arini manages proactive strategies with different risk-return profiles across the credit spectrum.

Our Edge

Arini brings together innovative and crowd-agnostic idea generation rooted in fundamentals.

Our team has a collective history of combining top-down and bottom-up fundamental idea generation with product-focused execution in different market environments.

We focus on identifying overlooked opportunities and building early advantages across the credit spectrum.

Our integrated research and trading functions give us a 360-degree view of the market, which allows us to quickly assess the risk-return profile across credit markets and avoid commonly chased market movers.

Arini is a local European investment manager with significant fundamental experience in complex European situations.

Our investment team has first-hand familiarity with local restructuring regimes and extensive experience offering credit solutions across key European jurisdictions.

We’ve demonstrated the ability to generate attractive risk-adjusted and absolute returns in both constructive and challenging credit environments.

Our process-oriented approach to position sizing and risk management strives to mitigate tail risk and create portfolios that perform across market cycles.

Past Performance is not a guarantee of future results.